- The Mid-Century Factory -

Life and renovations of the old felt boot factory

Spring - Summer 2018

Spectacular sunset today, 19th September 2019

Metal frames to the new windows. 24th September 2018

The effect is major...

September 29th 2018

This week a lot has happened to the windows and doors, both inside and outside.

The first test windowsills were installed inside and it looks great! The whole opening will be painted dark gray.

New things and window renovations from Fall - Winter 2018

Happy New Year 2019!

Wonderful sunny winter days are here, spring is coming! I have painted the window sills inside and the back stairs. I have also acquired some new furniture and the 12 person industrial style dining table! The table is custom made to fit our needs.

2019 Spring to Summer to Fall

It has been a while since the last update. A lot has been happening inside and outside.

Spring - Summer 2020